Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm far to cool to really understand the difference

Being the partial nerd that I am, I have often had the "which is better" debate with a Mac owner. All of my discussions either end up in a fist fight or both of us agree to disagree. However I find the whole debate quite tiresome. Mac supporters need to understand that their shiny white Mac Book is as much of a fashion statement as it is a tool. PC owners need to stop being so stubborn and accept that Mac is not a piece of shit that can't do anything.

I have noticed one trend in this whole divide. Mac owners tend to be individuals who were not previously interested in Computers and only later in life did they see the need for their entrance into the digital world. I have never met a PC user that has switched to Mac, thou I have met a few Mac owners who traded their white screen computers for a Desktop PC.

I don't doubt the fact that Mac has the huge advantage of being nearly immune to viruses, this alone makes Apple's products quite attractive. Along with their marketing alignment with the "cool crowd" Mac has often tempted me to sell my little brother for a Mac Pro.

I have often roamed the IStore in amazement of Steve Jobs's brilliant products. It is here that I have found Apple's weakness. A Mac Book costs R11 000. It is this price difference that has allowed Microsoft to dominate the market. For the same price I could buy a laptop that Dicks on any Mac Book and still have enough money for Sushi afterwards. If a Mac Book was R6000 I would happily be the owner of the "cool" computer.

I consider myself to sit on the fence with the whole Mac vs PC debate, as I think Apple has brilliant products and their marketing strategy is just as impressive. My IPod (thanks Shireen) is my best friend and I would love to be the owner of a shiny new IPad. However, I cannot bring myself to pay what I feel is close to double what the products are worth.

I do feel that Microsoft has been the norm in everyone's life and because of this they have become some what bored of the product. Microsoft's Vista operating system was such a mess that even the hardened PC user was tempted to make the forbidden switch. Thankfully, Microsoft discontinued the useless operating system and released Windows 7 which I feel is their best yet.

In the end it comes down to what work you want to do. Designers are inclined to lean towards the shinny white screen Macintosh, while programmers and gamers are loyal PC users. Mac will continue to convince trendy kids that Mac is the way. However, PC has what I believe to be the trump card. PC is the exclusive controller of the gaming industry and the gaming industry is to computers what the Military is to modern technology.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let the girls have a try.

It was to my delight that the USA was eliminated from the FIFA 2010 World Cup yesterday. The side that had the pleasure of destroying the hopes and crushing the dreams of the USA was our African Brother's Ghana. This makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, as I do not like the American "Soccer" team and if you compound that with the fact that they were beaten by an African side it makes for a good day by my standards. I do admit that I have a strong tendency to dislike most things that have to do with our "Mc" friends, so often I will over look the positive contributions that the USA gives to the world. In my defense I must say it is quite difficult to find these "Positive contributions".

With their recent exit from the World Cup the USA must be feeling pretty darn bummed. They have to wait another four years until they can finally have some sort of "lime light" placed on their "Soccer". You never know they could have David Beckham playing for them by then. The USA population should force Bob Bradley and his troop of men to take some pointers from the Women's Soccer team, as they have won two World Cup Trophies, the first in 1991 and the second in 1999. Another impressing statistic is that since FIFA paid attention to the Girls game the USA has not finished lower then 3rd. I really think Bob Bradley and his staff should have taken a few pointers from the ladies.

One American Soccer star that can't help it but jump out at you is Heather Mitts. This fine lass managed to rack up 108 appearances for her national side. Due to the fact that she is a defender, she only managed to muster 2 goals in her international career. She was popular amongst coaching staff and selectors for her hard working and never say die attitude. She was popular amongst male supporters as she is quite the belter. She has won multiple awards, most of which have nothing to do with soccer. She was voted the Hottest Female Athlete by ESPN in 2004 and appeared in the 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It's not hard to see why this girl has received so much attention during her career. Maybe she could help old Bob iron out a few of the men's teams set pieces at practice. It probably wouldn't work seeing that Landon Donovan might get a little Distracted 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You lazy piece of shit

Movie marathons do not hold much appeal to me. Especially when the movies are brainless genera stereotypes that simply waste two or so hours of your life. I would rather spend two hours puking up my lunch then be forced to watch another installment in the "Clerks" saga or any other brainless time wasting excuse for a film. If you are intending on watching a Tarantino film give me a call, I'll gladly enjoy a movie made by someone with talent. I find it quite demoralizing and frustrating to watch a story that is made up by pulling random words out of a jar until you have something that resembles a script

I must add before you ban me from your movie nights, that I can't sit still for longer then 5 minutes, this could explain the mild feelings of pain I have to endure while you insist that we loose 2 hours of our existence. I would rather be doing something more constructive like sitting in a park or talking shit with my friends. I guess everyone has the their own opinions. I guess at this point you would all like to question my enrollment into Audio Visual Production at the University of Johannesburg, it is needless to say that it was a mistake and I am still at University because of this error in judgment (studying Journalism I might add).

I am amazed that people will watch Television together, especially friends. I was at a mate's place the other night and all we did was watch the "evil box". We were experiencing sub-zero temperatures outside in our defense, but it makes me questions peoples ability to socialize. We are supposed to be friends and thus should share and contest opinions and idea's. I don't know why but it annoys me.

Kirsty Wilde told me that I have random pictures of hot girls scattered through out this blog. I don't know what she is talking about really, as all the pictures I choose are due to their relevance to the posts and have nothing to do with the bra size of the girls featured in the pictures. Honestly I have no idea what she is talking about

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yes Mr Foreigner, I will tell you where to go

Today I was supposed to start driving 3 British foreigners around. But due to a fuck up on my behalf, I had to pass the over-paying occasion over to my good friend Thomas James Revington. It makes me sad, but at least I could help a mate of mine out.

I don't know if any of you have come face to face with these foreign members of the human race. Strangely, I have this strong urge to play games with them. I was asked to give directions to Sandton by some Brazilian soccer supporters and my internal GPS was already on its way to Commissioner Street. Does that make me a bad person? I don't really care honestly.But before you judge me, No I did not send our visitors to Commissioner Street. I have this urge to target the American Supporters specifically. I don't like American people very much, Yes they brought us some of the best music in history and writers like Hunter S Thompson, but they are so full of shit.We have all heard the stereotype where all Americans think we live in mud huts with Lion's and Tigers running around. I feel we deserve a little revenge for their ignorance and if that means that a few American tourists end up in Hillbrow or  somewhere arbitrarily, so be it. Maybe I'm just being a pseudo hater, as I don't really hate all Americans, but it just seems fair to me. Most of all the USA is not allowed to win the World Cup. "Soccer" is not a game for them, they are not allowed to do well.

I must say that so far we seem to be doing a pretty swell job of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world. Honestly I don't know what all the fuss was about. It may be early days but it has gone pretty well so far. Go South Africa!Fuck Yeah


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

These lads from Leicestershire have always floated around in my life, either on my IPod or my PC, however I never used to consider them one of my all time favorites. "Empire" their second release caught my attention with "Shoot the Runner" but the rest of the album didn't keep to the same level of awesomeness and in my opinion got a little dreary after a while.

After 3 years, Kasabian Released "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" and changed my opinion of these Brit rockers completely. Their 2009 release is action packed with head bobbing, foot tapping, driving classic's that I haven't been able to stop singing for the past two weeks. Song's like "Fire","Where did all the love go", "Take Aim" and my personal favorite "Fast Fuse" are quickly transforming my world into a Quentin Tarantino saga.Kasabian used each track from the album as a representation of inmates within the famous British Mental Asylum Chain. By owning this Album you will be 50% cooler, This is a fact.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't go down that street

I watch as you make mistakes. Your only concern is your mouth
I pass you off.
while I class and package your soul.
I judge you and smudge you.
You now I'm right, always Wright
I have everything I want.
A trophy wife
and fake first class life
holds nothing for me
I am happy with my crooked smile
I have put that demon to sleep
Don't go down that street

I don't dance like I used to do
I won't dance
until I have found my girl
I will hold my tongue and
poison my lungs
until I find my new world

I won't look in the mirror
I'm trying to put that demon to sleep
but I will think hard
what I will wear
I will think hard
what I will share
I am not afraid of you
I am not afraid of your sheet's
I will wait this time
Don't go down that street

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So last night was the opening game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As expected the entire country went fucking crazy. I heard a "ship jumper" who gave up on the Rainbow Nation years ago and relocated to the criminal country of Australia express his disbelief towards, firstly the unity in this country and the infrastructure that we have built in order to host the biggest sport event in the world. That makes me feel really good, in a "I told you so kinda way", South Africa hasn't gone to the dogs like so many people expected and in fact, we are in a better place then we were when  so many people felt the need to run to the far far away paradise. Don't get me wrong everyone has their opinion and can live where they want, but right now South Africa is the place to be.

Anyway, so South Africa drew to Mexico 1-1 and made the Mexican Team play catch up. We played great Soccer, the difference in out Football is easily seen. Maybe the 500 Billion Rand we spent on Carlos Alberto Parreira might actually pay off. I watched the game at the local keg in Boskruin. We Initially wanted to go to the Sandton Fan park, but that was full at 9am and I only woke up at 12. So the keg was the next best thing. The vibe was absolutely amazing and as every South African will know that we were united last night. Our forefathers thought it was impossible, but South Africa was a cohesive unit last night, a unit that did not see color, but rather pride in one's homeland. The rest of the world does not really understand how important this event is firstly for South Africa and secondly Africa. So basically this post is my way of taunting all of the people that could have been in South Africa now, but are sitting in some far way land, slowly loosing their heritage and really wishing that they could have a Black Label Draught(yes we have that now) and a Wors roll. Sorry guys.

I'm going to a party this eve called Balkanology. It sounds like a pretty rad event and I have a feeling that I might just watch the African sunrise tomorrow morning. I also hope I win the Miniature Camel statue. I hope so..

Monday, June 7, 2010

On this Monday morning

I awoke this morning to flash backs of last nights dreams, dreams where my closest friends were being eaten by sharks. It didn't take too long thou, for myself to be distracted. My early morning caffeine routine kicked in and images of my friend Devon being mauled by a monster shark and being whipped around until he was two, quickly dissipated .

The thought of 6 weeks of varsity holiday holds mixed feelings for myself. When we were young all of our friends would be on holiday together and we could rule the streets on our skateboards, buy quartz from the shebeens up the road and generally be little shit heads. These days it is a whole lot different, most of my friends have full time jobs, pull horrible faces and swear at me when I say that I have 6 weeks of holiday. So I find myself wanting a part time job to help pass the time. I have managed to organise one job, but that only lasts 4 days and still leaves me with a whole lot of time on my hands. These are the problems that this 23 year old is faced with, not to mention the images of Ben screaming for me to help him, while he holds his severed leg against his thigh and hopes it will stay there. He always was an ambitious guy

I imagine that I will find a way to pass the time, I mean there are so many slacker/alcoholics/freeloaders who sit at home for years. There must be something too it, like a secret club or something. I'll ask Google, Jesus's little brother for directions where I can find this club of "do nothings".However, I'm planning to do a few Ethnographic pieces this holiday, these post's should provide the debut of my photography on this blog, so I'm pretty stoked about that, even though the photo's might not be up to scratch. But hey fuck you if you don't like them. Go read status updates on Facebook

The thing is, I'm not sure if it because I am getting old, but I don't want to stay at home and do nothing. I would rather be at a varsity lecture, working, jamming or doing something constructive. So many people say to me "dude just chill you won't have these holidays for much longer" I know that is true, but the thought of 6 weeks to myself is nearly as daunting as never having school holidays again. Tom just arrived at my house. I am relieved to see that he is alive and that he was not used as a training feed by the Great White mother for her young. He still has arm's.

Oh yes......Watch this....It's the new Foals Video. Pretty Weird I must say

Friday, June 4, 2010

'Why is everyone Boo!ing them"

"Why is everyone Booing them? They are so good, but people won't stop booing them. It's so wrong" (A young girl at Ramfest). Most of us have heard of Chris Chameleon and most people view him as an Afrikaans Treffer singer, who has little appeal. However, this attitude towards this talented man has been under huge threat of late. For most of my generation, we had little or no recollection of Boo!, as we were far too young to be part of the South African music scene in the late 90's. It is only with the reunion tour of the Monkey Punk creators, that allows us to be "So Lucky". Boo! was the Prime Circle or the Die Andwoord of the 90's South African Music Industry. They were the band that achieved International success and was able to break out of the small South African Industry. It doesn't take long to see why.

With Chris Chameleon on Bass and Vocals, Umpie Omo on Trumpet,Keyboards and Leon Retief on Drums. The Original Line-up of Boo! rocked this country from top to bottom. However, A fallout between Leon and Chris meant that the reunion line-up was complete and ex-Bongo player on Nooit vir Nooit, Riaan van Rensburg stepped in too fill the gap. He appears to be a friendly character, with that typical Gentle Giant appearance. However, I must say that he looses it a bit, and error's in his playing are frequent. I'm not sure what it is, but he need's to get it together, as often his error's are noticeable and take away from the music's appeal. Maybe a lot stage time can rectify this and he will be able to emulate Leon's original disco dance beats.

Thursday the 3rd of June was the second time I had seen Boo!. Back2Basix in Westdene provided the housing for the occasion. Isochronous Opened the show and I must say that Richard, Marco, Franco and Alex are getting to all new level's of tightness. Their music is precise and perfectly composed. Isochronous is filled with Jazz student's who are dedicated to their craft. I was blown away by Marco's drum playing, Franco's Bass prowess and Richard's Vocal ability. However Richard needs to go easy on the weird hand movements when he plays. "It looks quite stupid bud". Isochronous has a new acoustic album out and I say you should go buy it, these guys are Professional musicians and this is how they make a living, you pay a car mechanic to fix your car, you pay a musician to make you dance, that is how it works. After Isochronous, Boo! set-up and allowed time for a smoke, a Cheap Brandy and a shooter. They played a long set that was filled with foot stomping, head shaking tunes. I expected the large crowd that turned out for the event to be more animated, but I guess not everyone is willing to let go and have a good time. Why the average Joe wants to stand still and act like he is being addressed by a general is beyond me. I left the dance floor well tired and sweaty. R60 was a steep cover charge but I felt I had received my moneys worth.

I encourage anyone who has the chance to see Boo! too jump at the opportunity. They won't be around for long as they are already doing a reunion tour. I just wish it was Leon sitting behind the drum kit. It's the only thing that was lacking.