Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi my names Mark

So I'm waiting to bath, but the power has been off the entire morning and there is no hot water. I really hate having an icy bath, so decided to pass the time by posting another blog entry. I got inspiration to do this specific type of post from a guy called Ricki. I've only recently become friends with Ricki after our December trip too Mozambique where he accompanied us, along with his girlfriend Indianna and some of his close friends (who I now consider my friends aswell). Check out his blog

So "Hi"(Waves) My name is Mark. I'm studying Journalism at The University Of Johannesburg. From time to time I wish I was the BComm type and was going to walk into a Cushy Salary at some firm, but I'm not like that and the thought of crunching numbers for the rest of my life scares the living shit out of me.So I decided to use writing as my "in" into the world of business. I play alot of guitar, it's kinda like my thing, the one thing I'm actually good at, well sort of anyway. I think I'll play guitar till the day I die. I Used to be in a band called The Uncut (there is a previous post of mine that explains why i use the words "Used to"). I would like to start another band one day but I need to find the right people

I am blessed to have a special group of friends, we party way too much and we get into alot of shit, but i wouldn't have it any other way.I'm quite a shy dude, alot of people think I'm arrogant because I don't make splendid conversation straight off the bat, the reason for this is because I often don't know what too say. It's something that I have to come to terms with about myself. It kind sucks because I'm pretty useless at hitting on girls, again I guess it's just something I have to come to terms with. I really love music, it kinda goes with the guitar playing thing, but I think I would rather go blind then go deaf. I'm pretty bad at spelling even though I'm a journalist(in training). I have recently been trying to focus some attention on my writing as it is the thing that is going to help me get that Cushy salary(hopefully). I wouldn't be too sad if I ended up like that guy from Californication, but maybe not so burnt out...

I have two brothers Greg and Michael. They are pretty rad guys in their own unique kinda ways. My parents aren't divorced which is pretty rare these days, I'm very thankful for that. I have a crappy car smurf blue car called "The Beast". Its a 1991 Toyota Corrola and it has no radio, so I have to sing to myself if I want music. Its kinda of ironic that I get guys on a regular basis who tell me they want my car as it is their dream car, here I am moaning that it is shitty. An ungrateful bastard I surely am.

So thats me, I probably have left a whole lot out, but this is my Blog and I can do what I want.Its bath time

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time to become a better person (well act like it anyway)

It is not common knowledge, but I am actually a bastard. Not in the literal sense of the word (i am pretty sure my father is my real father). Alot of people would respond to this stament with "Noooo, you're such a nice guy, you once let me stand in front of you in the line at the bar" the reason for that is so I could admire your ass darling.

I'm quite a dick some times, Tom Revington probably my closest friend (bar a few) calls me Mick from time to time, the reason for this is simple, Mark-the-dick. I'm sorry if this destroys you're perception of me, as we all like to create personality's for people when we don't really know them. However, the purpose of this post(apart from being bored) is to express my intent to become (or at least) appear a nicer

So how will you achieve this Mark? Well firstly I wont ignore you if I find you annoying and I will attempt to take your point into consideration even if you believe that Karl Marx is a French rugby player. Secondly, and here is the secret to all of this, I will look for the goodness inside every person I meet (I know that sounds very gay, but so far its working). I admit that it takes alot longer to find this alleged "Goodness" in some people.I have found my initial opinions of certain individuals are sometimes completely wrong and to be honest I find this pretty darn rad.

So yes, I have earned my title "Mick" with years of discrimination against unsuspecting and innocent people. However, this will soon be at an end. Well I'll try anyway.

oh yes by the way....I heard some dude say this beautiful phrase to his friend today, and yes he was sporting a Jock Hawk. "Hey Boet, you wanna go to Vacca tonight china? It's two for one night, you get two binnets for the price of one". I thought it was beautiful

Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you want the responsibility play by the rules

Many people find it thrilling to be in control of music, I don't mean creating music, I mean choosing songs at parties. We have all been in the situation where we have waited inline and patiently chosen the one song that we feel will make us happy. We wait in anticipation for our song to come on and when the first few bars begin we get the distinct feel that we are doing a good thing for society. The two people in the corner who have been talking for hours start hooking up, the dogs stop barking, even the annoying girl in the corner stops moaning. It feels that for that next 3 minutes and 20 seconds the world is a better place

Suddenly Steve (this is the name I use when I don't want to reveal people, I dont know their name or I think they look like a douche bag) walks up and just like that we are listening to Nickelback's "how you remind me", or some other pop-rock abortion. I have two simple rules when you want to change songs. Not everyone likes your taste in music and you obviously don't like their's, respect this. Secondly don't fucking change songs half way through, let them finish. Dick

I should stop venting. I blame the tassenburg

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do you want the full story or just the version that won't bore you?

For the past few months I have heard the same thing over and over. "Holy shit dude, what happened", "oh my god, this is a publicity stunt right", "im so sorry, what happened".

The Uncut has broken up, it's not a publicity stunt, we are not becoming an electro act. It is over....

I realized that I wanted to try other stuff, I had been cast in the mold of The Uncut for so long, that I became tired of what was happening. It became a chore for me and one day I realised that this is not why I started this band. I know im talking as if this was only my decision, when in reality it was not. But this is my blog and I can vent as much as I want.

The one thing that I regret, about the whole experiance was not the empty gigs, it wasnt the time and effort that was spent rehearsing and writing or dealing with scaby mother fucker's who dont pay up. I regret the fact that I might just have lost one of the closest friends I have ever had. I dont think we will become enemies or never speak to each other again, but I know(and I have felt this already) that there is a massive elephant in the room when we are together. I regret that, alot. But I guess if friendships are ment to be, then it will work itself out.

Alot of people ask me so what now...Well yes I left The Uncut because I wanted to move on(hopefully to better things) and I do intend to start something new, with the right people and with the experience that I have gained. However, I want to be calculated about it, I want to take it seriously. At the moment all I want to do is become a better musician, this means jamming with lots of different people. If you are a musician, lets jam. There is always something that we can teach each other. I mean that

One thing that angered me about the whole situation was a fan page called "bring back the uncut". It didn't anger me because of the fact that people wanted us to continue making music, the thing that angered me was that alot of the so called "fans" were people that have never watched a show of ours, they didn't listen to our music and they showed no interest in what we were doing. That pissed me off. I do realize that I might have over reacted, but you people have no morals or integrity. It was a great time for you followers to wave your arms and act like you give a fuck because those two guys from high school's band is actually doing pretty well. This isn't targeted to every member of the group, just a small amount of the so called "fans" of Bring back the Uncut. What I would like to say to the select few is "Fuck You". The rest of you people that supported us and actually gave a fuck, I love you and I appreciate the time and money that you spent while supporting us. We owe everything to you

I already miss the comradeship that goes along with sharing so much time and effort with 3 other people. But, in my heart I know we made the right decision. It was just the hardest of my life.

Your behind the times mark

I like to call myself a writer. Honestly, I have only recently taken this title. I study this thing called Journalism and It seems to be going quite well, however the more I write the more I realise that writing is a self-consuming hobby/life style/obsession. If you wish to give yourself a 0.1% chance of making a name for yourself, you need to submerge yourself in the world of Writing, you need to have an affair with words and language. So I have decided in my overly ambitious and foolish attempt to maybe, just maybe make a name for myself. Wish me well, this might be the end of me.

Oh yes, I created this blog because people have been using blogs for years. This is my first ever blog post. Its lame, I know