Monday, November 8, 2010

In the Pursuit of Happiness

In the minds of every single human being there is a battle between two forces, a good and evil, a right and wrong, a battle between the spontaneous and the calculated. We fight every day to find the perfect balance between these two forces to find happiness. We are constantly, consciously and subconsciously weighing up our options so that we can bring a smile on our faces. Many are unable to find this balance and spend their lives under a dark cloud of unachieved harmony. Some are unable to find this state of nirvana due to circumstances in their lives, some are born with a chemical imbalances that forces them to be constantly medicated in an attempt to feel happy.

Like everyone, I have experienced depression. A deep sinking feeling of unease, a lurking feeling of displacement and an inability to feel good. I have been down the psychological street, where your negative views and attitudes only bring more misfortune and emotional torment. I have forbidden myself from looking into mirrors in an attempt to prevent myself from ridiculing and insulting the person that is staring back. I know what it feels like to unhappy with my circumstances, with the way my life has panned out and with my physical appearance. I have found myself constantly dwelling in the sadness that consumes my being.

Before you label me and place judgement upon me, think about the darkest period of your life. How your thoughts circled in a negative cycle that only pulled you closer and closer towards the darkness that you feared. For some it is easier to relate to this, for others it it might not hit home.

I have watched many people attempt to combat the sinking feeling in their chests with medication or recreational social lubricants. They look for a quick fix for a problem that has deep roots in the lives of these individuals. Often ignoring the source of this emotional pain. You can ask them why they are sad or what is making their lives a misery. Often they can tell you, a physical insecurity, a dissatisfaction with the lives they have chosen or a regret about past decisions. Even when the cause of their depression is clear they choose to rather treat the problem medically instead of facing the problem head on. Having said this, there are cases where individuals have no real cause that can be hailed as the root of the problem. I do believe that this is where modern medicine can play an important role.

If you are unhappy with way you look, attempt to combat it. If you are unhappy with your life and the choices you have made, change the course of your existence. Being proactive about the problem will almost always start to make you feel better, if you begin to see results watch as your life starts to lighten up and how you will begin to attract positivity. Negativity attracts negativity, positivity attracts positivity, its as simple as that. Sometimes, regardless of how hard you try you cannot change what is making you unhappy. This is often where people fall off the boat and submerge themselves in the unhappiness, making these feelings of dissatisfaction the center of their beings. A person that focuses on the negative sides of their existence becomes negative and often unpleasant person to be around. When faced with something we cannot repair or change, we have to accept it for what it is and eventually move on. People talk about the stages of loss and how we move through them. This is often true, but every individual spends different amounts of time at each stage. We are all different and we all cope with different situations differently.

I have found that when I am feeling low about myself and my situations it helps to focus on helping someone els, rather then focusing on myself and what I am unhappy about. Seeing someone els smile because of your actions towards them makes your problems seem a little less important. Making someone laugh is even better. Laughter helps yourself see the true nature of your problems, loving someone can eliminate them. Exercise when ever you can. If you can't tame your problems rather focus that energy on making other people happy. You might just find that it will bring you happiness.

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