Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Music, More Music, More Music

So. As you might have noticed I tend to randomly post videos on this blog, I do it partially because I want to indoctrinate you into liking the music I like and also because it increases my post count. My plan is that if all the people who visit my blog listen/watch the music videos I post, they will obviously realize that my music choices and taste are superior to theirs and they will thus hail me a music culture demi-god. What this entails for me if my plan is successful is that I will be able to control musical trends, I will be able to eliminate pathetic music icons like Justin Bieber and I will never have to be subjected to shitty ass club music again. So watch closely as you might just be witnessing the beginning of my rise to fame, or at least in my own little world of marshmallow cars and flying Scottish terriers I will be making a difference

My first choice for this post is a band called The XX. If you keep your musical ears close to the ground and you don't spend all your time listening to Michael Bolton, it is likely that you have already heard of this band. I like them, their CD has a great flow. I suggest you either pirate their music, or if you are controlled by your conscious then perhaps buy it. Either way, listen to their shit. Its good

Ok. So already you might be realizing that Keisha isn't that cool anymore and brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels doesn't mean you will make good music. The next band is called Bombay Bicycle Club, and yes they are good.

My last selection for the day is a band that you should already know. These Canadian individuals have a band that consists of about 50 thousand members (more like 8). They also make very good music, so good that Kings of Leon have become jealous of their success and decided to make childish allegations towards them. Arcade Fire is cool. Listen and be amazed. Yes. Dressed for success.

Until next time kids. Remember not to use energy saving light bulbs when you smoke TiK. Its make the whole process a hassle.

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