Monday, November 22, 2010


My dearest Grandfather is jolly chap. He is always keen for a beer and a chat. He is always willing to help people out in their time of need. He takes pride in success, especially when he is hailed as the winner, ahead of the rest. He was particularly excited when a nice Nigerian fellow informed him that he was the winner of One Million Pounds. The nice Nigerian fellow informed him that to claim his prize he needed to deposit a mere R1000 into a bank account to take care of transfer costs. I mean who wouldn't pay R1000 to receive One Million Pounds. My dearest Grandfather deposited the fee of R1000 and waited anxiously for the Million Pounds coming his way. He planned holidays and thought of gifts that he could buy his loved ones

Unfortunately to the ignorant dismay of my Grandfather, he never received his One Million Pounds. Most of us would shrug the email off as a scam and never think about it again. However my Granddaddy did not, he was enthralled by his new wealth, he phoned his children and told them how they would all see a share of the spoils.Unfortunately for him, the money my Grandfather deposited into this Nigerian fellow's bank account was most likely used to fund a party of monumental proportions. 

Many unsuspecting individuals around the globe fall victim to these online scams. They forget the fact that they did not actually enter the competition that they have been told to have won. They ignore the basic common sense that tells you to think twice about the situation. However, a small group of people are now taking it to the scamming bastards in an attempt to scam the "scammers". is an online website that provides people with the correct information and tools to get back at these bastards who play on the weak and stupid. From advice on how to make the day of the scammer living hell, photo copied checks that display outrageous amounts and other "legal" documents that will make the average scammer jizz in his pants. The goal of is to waste the time of the scammers, to get them to perform outrageous tasks and in some cases rip them off. 


Yes. Some of you might feel bad for these scammers, who are just trying to make a dishonest living . I don't. I think is one of the best things I have heard of this entire year. Go Scam the scamming bastards. Go have a look-see and maybe even join in the fun. Do it for my Granddaddy    

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